SayPro Python for Health Professionals Training

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Doctors working on transparent medical technology

SayPro Python for Health Professionals Training 


An application of artificial intelligence that includes algorithms that parse data, learn from that data, and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions. Machine Learning use Python language to transform large data while applying mathematical algorithm to train datasets to perform automated tasks.  

Duration (12 Days) 

48 Hours

Benefits of this Programme 

  • Learn python libraires to perform mathematical and statistical functions
  • Understand machine learning algorithms to implement for use case.
  • Hands on experience in python programming
  • Work on public datasets to learn ML applications
  • Learn from Industry Professionals
  • Get ready for Entry Level Jobs of ZAR 400k-500K/ annum

Who should Attend 

  • Learners from Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering Background
  • Business and Technology executives 
  • Learners with analytical bend of mind

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