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SAQA ID: 785781 Operate a Windows System NQF Level 04 Credits Regular-Provider-ELOAC 

A Rigger uses basic, intermediate and advance lifting techniques to shift, lift, move, place and secure loads at end-points, without damage. The Rigger operates a variety of mechanical lifting equipment and supervises the operations of lifting machines to perform lifting operations. In addition, the Rigger provides access to the work area by means of erecting and dismantling scaffolding that is maintained for use throughout the working period. A Rigger also assembles fall prevention systems as a safe method of access to their working area and performs climbing techniques safely. They work with a variety of fibre and steel wire ropes.

A qualified learner will be able to:
Sling regular loads and lift loads using basic lifting techniques (Level 2).
Sling complex loads and lift loads using intermediate lifting methods (Level 3).
Lift loads using advanced lifting methods (Level 4).

This qualification is a combination of components from the following historically registered qualifications:
National Certificate: Mechanical Handling (Rigging) (ID: 59729).
National Certificate: Mechanical Handling (Rigging) (ID: 59730).
Further Education and Training Certificate: Mechanical Handling (Rigging) (ID: 59731).

The rigging occupation is characterised by the provision of support services within a broader engineering environment and across a variety of industry sectors, namely:
Manufacturing and Engineering (Metals, Plastics, Tyre and Rubber, Automotive Manufacturing).
Chemical and Petrochemical.
Transport (Maritime, Road, Rail and Aviation).
Civil Engineering and Construction.
Other engineering-related industry sectors.

There is a huge need for qualified riggers in all these industry sectors and even outside of these sectors.

Stakeholders within the various industry sectors invest considerable sums of money in plant, equipment, processes, raw materials and other resources. These investments can only be justified if there is an assurance that goods, machinery, equipment and structures are lifted, moved and placed with the utmost care and efficiency by individuals who are trained and qualified to do so. The environments in which the lifting and rigging skills are practised are characterised by strict codes of safety and high levels of planning and preparation.

Typically, learners would be new entrants to the industry who wish to pursue the rigging trade. Other learners would be those who have been working in rigging environments and who wish to advance their competencies especially in intermediate and advanced lifting techniques.
Learners who complete this qualification will be able to become supervisors or foremen in the industry, lifting machinery inspectors, or other personnel positions in the rigging sector.

As far as benefits to the learner are concerned, they will receive a high standard of training in rigging that is comparable with international standards, thus making it possible for them to pursue a rigging career abroad. The qualification will produce competent learners who are able to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within the engineering support environment.

Employers in the rigging industry will benefit because they will enjoy access to appropriately qualified artisans who will be able to conduct high-quality, efficient and safe rigging operations, with minimum disruption to productivity which results in loss
As regards benefits to society and economy, employees will be able to progress from being riggers to becoming foremen to pursuing managerial positions in the rigging industry, thus providing for a range of job opportunities.

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