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SayPro Course in Computer Literacy 482613B

56 weeks
38 lessons
0 quizzes
175 students


  • National Identity Document, Passport, Work Permit or Asylum
  • Have physical Address where you will receive a certificate
  • Have a functioning cell phone number and the email address

Target audiences

  • All Ages Qualify
  • Everyone Qualifies for our Courses
  • All countries qualifies for our Courses

Do you think you are not computer literate enough? Think again!

With Saypro’s latest online course, you will learn the basics of computer literacy in no time. Designed for beginners, this course will help you understand the workings of a computer and work effectively in front of one. All you need to do is enrol today and start learning!

Why wait anymore? Enroll today and become a pro in no time!

What does it take to become computer literate? A lot of us think it’s a piece of cake, but in actuality, there is a lot to learn. It all starts with knowing the basics and progressing through various courses to become an expert. That’s where Saypro comes in.

With this online course in computer literacy, you’ll get an overview of how computers work and build confidence as you navigate the internet and complete everyday tasks with ease. The engaging modules are broken down into easy-to-follow lessons, so whether you’re a beginner or advanced student, you’ll be able to catch up quickly and start adding real value to your life.

Start today and make learning fun!

Have you ever felt lost in web? Don’t know where to start and what to do next? Sign up for the Saypro online course in computer literacy, and learn it all in no time!

The course is designed for beginners by experts. It covers everything from accessing the Internet, searching the web, surfing, etc., to using a word processor or spreadsheet. You’ll be equipped with the skills you need to succeed on the Internet.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Saypro is all set to impart a world of knowledge in computer literacy. We are excited to launch this online course that is going to teach you all that you need to know about computers. Whether you want to work as a prodigy or just want some general knowledge, this course is going to help you achieve your goals.

With our modules, quizzes and assignments, your online learning experience will be anything but dull! So get geared up, let’s learn more about computers!

Even when it comes to the basics of computers, many people falter. That’s why Saypro is here to help. The Saypro online course in computer literacy is designed to get you up and running on the web in no time.

This intuitive course teaches you all you need to know about computers and the internet, so that you can navigate confidently from webpage to webpage. You’ll learn how to browse the web, write emails and make a few simple online purchases. Plus, there are quizzes and exercises at the end of each module that will help you test your knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands who have already learned by saying “I’m in control on Saypro!”

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I am a driven individual, seeking a position in a company where I can add value and apply my skills and knowledge to ensure organisation growth. I am a reliable, trustworthy, and meticulous individual. I can work on my own initiative. I possess good interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively.

I am also a flexible and inter-disciplined individual with vast experience in Operations management. I also have excellent listening skills and have a positive attitude towards my work.

I was born in Limpopo, Pietersburg on the 28th of May 1993. I then attended Untjane Primary School and later relocated to Gauteng where he attended Robin Hills Primary School.

In 2010 I continued with secondary education at Rabsotho Combined School until he completed it in 2014. Clifford then went to Southern Business School where I completed a Diploma in Management and then worked at SayPro as the Brand Ambassador, Communications Officer, Marketing Officer, and Facilitator to date I am the Chief Operations Officer of SayPro.

I hold a higher certificate and a national Diploma in Management Accountancy with over seven years of experience in community development and project management. I have vast experience in communication, marketing, project management, compliance and corporate governance, and Facilitation of Skills Development Courses. As the general manager of SayPro, Clifford has successfully managed projects in partnership with local and international partners, focusing on the empowerment and development of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

Through my leadership, SayPro has worked in partnership with an institution like NMCF for a five-year school entrepreneurship program, Accenture for Skill development and job placement programs, The Department of Social Development, Erasmus+ for Refugee Employability program, Re-integration of young ex-offenders and Human Rights program as well as PEPFAR for HIV awareness and prevention program.

I have also accepted several awards on behalf of the SayPro under service excellence awards for Skills Development Program of the Year by the office of the premier and NPO of the year, the MEC of Gauteng.

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